Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4.3 Comes With Search Feature And Extended Info Bar

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is probably the most popular Tweaker available for Windows and has existed since Windows Vista and updated regularly to support the latest version of Windows. It has once again updated and version 4.3 is now released. The new version comes with the ability to search tweaks because it was tough to find the desired tweak from 200+ tweaks. But this problem has finally come to an end.

Another new feature is Extended Info Bar which shows the description of a tweak easily. This makes it easier to know what the tweak does. Just hover over a tweak and its description will be shown. Not only this but overall 18 new features and tweaks have been added along with improvements and bug fixes.


Here’s everything the new update has to offer:

1. Introducing the search functionality to easily locate your desired tweak.
2. View detailed information about Windows Experience Index including all scores.

(Customization->Windows 10)

3. Disable Windows Ink Workspace
4. Enable “Do you want to close all the tabs?” prompt in Edge
5. Hide Windows Defender Icon From Notifications Area

6. Show Seconds In Taskbar Clock (Customization->Taskbar)
7. Disable All Live Tiles (Customization->Universal UI)

Customization->File Explorer

8. Enable Auto-Complete And Auto-Suggest
9. Disable Taskbar And Start Jumplists
10. Check By Default “Do this for all current items”
11. Change Default Behaviour For Drag-Drop In Explorer

Context Menu->Other Context Menus

12. Remove 3D Print With 3D Builder
13. Remove Scan With Windows Defender
14. Remove Edit With Paint 3D
15. Remove Cast To Device

16. Extended Info Bar to show full description of the tweak
17. New Desktop Context Menu Tweaks -> Character Map, Control Panel and Windows Update


So, if you’re using an older version, there’s no reason to not to update. You can download it by going to the homepage.

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