[UPDATE] Mozilla Firefox 39 Released

UPDATE: Mozilla has released the version 39 of Firefox web browser.

Mozilla Firefox is one of the great web browser and one of the most used web browser. Mozilla Corporation, its owner, is making it user friendly and easy to use. It uses moderate RAM memory. Mozilla Firefox runs on following four channels:

1. Beta
2. Aurora
3. Nightly
4. Release

    List of changes in the latest version (Firefox 39):

    1. Share Hello URLs with social networks
    2. Project Silk: Smoother animation and scrolling (Mac OS X)
    3. Support for new Unicode 8.0 skin tone emoji
    4. SafeBrowsing malware detection lookups enabled for downloads (Mac OS X and Linux)
    5. Removed support for insecure SSLv3 for network communications
    6. Fix incomplete downloads being marked as complete by detecting broken HTTP1.1 transfers
    7. Various security fixes

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