[Visual Basic 2012] Where Is The MsgBox?

Update: ADDED the video tutorial

Today, we will discuss about Visual Basic 2012. Many of the developers have downloaded VB 2012 and are using it. If you are the one, you might have a question, where is the MsgBox? As Modern Interface has been Introduced in Windows 8, it has also been introduced to all its programs including Visual Studio and thus to Windows Store apps and it is clear that Msgbox’s appearance did not match with Modern UI. That’s the reason why it has been replaced by a new command or function.

Here is the required code for using the replaced Message Box:

Private Sub Button1_Clicked()
    Dim x As New MessageDialog(“Title Text”, “Description”)
End Sub

See the video tutorial:

It will work surely. If you still have any question or problem, post it in comments and we will be happy to respond.

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