Wallpaper Text Editor (WTE) Version 2.0

Have you ever tried to add text on wallpaper? You can edit text on wallpaper by editing wallpaper in a picture editing tool. But now you can easily edit text on wallpaper. Wallpaper Text Editor is a portable utility to tweak with wallpaper. It edits the text on your wallpaper. The text will given by you. It also offers to Change font and color of the text, change background colour. After selecting all the options, it will shows you result in result group box. For example, in font label it shows “[Font: Name = Segoe UI, Size = 14.25 Units = 3, GdiVerticalFont = False] and in background color label, it shows “Color [A = 255, R = 128, G = 0, B = 255]” or “[Color [Aqua]”.

How to use :
  • Run this tool as Administrator

  • Enter the text which you want to add on wallpaper

  • Choose text font and color by Clicking “Select Text Font and Color”

  • You can also choose background color of text

  • Click “Edit on wallpaper and move to tray” 
Finally you will see something like it –

It is compatiable with Windows 7/Vista x32. It is not checked in Windows XP and Windows 7/Vista x64.

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