What To Expect From Windows 9/vNext

The name of the next version isn’t announced yet. It can be Windows 9 or Windows TH as rumored. But all will be cleared in the event on September 30 where Microsoft will announce the details about next version of Windows. But till then what should be our expectations from it? It should perform fast and should fix all the problems and annoyances present in Windows 8.1. Here are some leaked and expected features of Windows 9:

1. Improvements in Modern UI for desktop users

Modern UI is touch-friendly and using Modern UI is not easy for desktop users. Microsoft has made it somewhat easier in Windows 8.1. But still there’s room for improvements. Using Charms Bar is a pain for desktop users. Microsoft is including some options like disabling Charms Bar and putting those options in start menu which will be appreciated.

2. Start Menu Is Back, But In Modern Way

After facing a lot of criticism due to removal of Start Menu in Windows, Microsoft is bringing back the Start Menu and in a good way. The new Start Menu will show the recently used desktop programs on left side and some Modern Start Screen tiles on the right side which would be customizable. There are also options for Shutdown, Restart, Sleep etc.

 3. Running Modern Apps In Windowed Mode

In Windows 8/8.1, modern apps run in fullscreen mode just like any Android, iOS or any other mobile OS apps. However, most of the apps can’t take benefit of large screens on which Windows runs. Like on a 15-inch display or 23-inch display. Running them in windowed mode would be a good option and Microsoft is expected to add this feature to Windows 9 as demonstrated earlier by Microsoft earlier.

4. Cortana for Windows

Cortana is a voice-assistant for Windows Phone 8.1 which answers commonly asked questions. Microsoft is expected to add this feature to Windows desktop which will perform basic operations like running any Modern app, searching for content in them, shutting down Windows etc.

5. Virtual Desktops

As present in Linux already, Microsoft is expected to add Virtual Desktops feature in Windows 9. It will enable users to have multiple desktops, hence more room to store the data. Some programs are already available for Windows 8 which performs the same functions.

Other expectations include notification centre for Modern apps. Just like its present for Android and iOS, it should debut for Windows in Windows 9. All will be cleared very soon when the event will start.

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