What’s New In Windows 10 Build 10158, 10159 And 10162?

Just in last one week or 4 days more accurately, Microsoft released 3 new builds of Windows 10 Insider Preview. The first one was Build 10158 released on June 29. Second one 10159 was released on June 30 and the latest one i.e. Build 10162 released yesterday. Existing Windows 10 users who are on Fast ring can get the latest build by following steps:

1. Open Settings app from Start Menu.

2. Navigate to Update and recovery section.

3. Click “Preview Builds”. Then click Check Now and that’s it!

You should be downloading the latest build now. Please note that you must be on Fast ring to receive the update.
Let’s now see what are the changes made in these builds:

1. Microsoft Edge: The first thing that you’ll notice in this build is that the Microsoft Edge branding is now included. Some other options include:

(i) New dark theme for Microsoft Edge Browser.
(ii) Import bookmarks/favorites from other browsers.
(iii) New home button can be added from Settings.
(iv) New customization for New Tab Page.
2. On the Taskbar, when an app needs your attention, it will now flash in orange. And when you download something or move files around in File Explorer, the progress animation in the Taskbar has been changed back to green and back to animating horizontally.
3. Updates To Cortana:

(i) Cortana has now dark theme.
(ii) Cortana can now detect various alerts from e-mail like flight information.
(iii) Cortana can now send emails.
(iv) Cortana is now integrated with Office 365.
4. Photos app has now been updated and you can download it though Store Beta. It now supports animated GIFs and general performance updates as well.
5. Snipping Tool:
Although snipping tool still hasn’t received Modern UI but it has got a new small feature i.e. to delay the capture, you can just set the timer from main UI.
6. Insider hub will now won’t come pre-installed but you can install it using “Turn Windows Features On or Off”.
7. Build 10159 includes over 300 fixes and assumed as a stable build.
8. New wallpapers and new logon UI have been included.

Have you updated to the new builds? 

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