Why iPhone Is More Expensive Than iPod Touch?

We usually do not write much about Apple products. But today, we are going to share something useful for our users. Why iPhone is more expensive than iPod Touch? We here talk about 4th generation because its more common. They both look almost the same. But what is the difference between them which makes their cost difference large? Let’s find out:

1. Camera

iPhone 4’s camera is better than iPod Touch 4th generation’s camera.

iPhone 4
  • Back camera: 5 megapixels, records 720p HD video
  • Front-facing camera: 640 x 480, video at 30 frames/second
iPod Touch 4th Generation
  • Back camera: 960 x 720, records 720p HD
  • Front-facing camera: 640 x 480, video at 30 frames/second
There is no camera flash in iPod Touch 4th gen whereas it is available in iPhone 4.

2. Size and Weight

There is not much difference between size and weight of both these products. iPhone 4 is a bit larger and heavier than iPod Touch 4th Gen.
3. Phone Capability

The biggest difference between these products is this that iPhone has ability of 3G/Phone whereas iPod Touch is not able to do so. To access internet on iPod Touch, you will need a wi-fi.
4. HDR Photos

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a feature which helps in combining photos multiple exposures of the same image to create better-looking, more-detailed, more-accurate photos. The iPhone 4 offers HDR photos as an optional setting, while the iPod touch doesn’t.

These features make a large difference in the price of both these products.
iPod Touch is available in India for Rs. 13000 approx. whereas iPhone 4 is available in Rs. 22000 approx.

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