Why You Should Upgrade To Windows 10 Before July 29th?

As most of you know, Microsoft is providing Windows 10 as the free upgrade to existing Windows 7/8 users till July 29. There’s no indication yet if Microsoft will extend the date. But for now, July 29 is the deadline. Windows 10 is definitely the future of Windows OS and if you haven’t upgraded to it yet, let us give you some reasons to do so.

1. Windows 10 is the last Windows OS. Yes! You have read it correctly. Microsoft has officially said that Windows 10 will be the last operating system. This doesn’t mean Windows won’t improve. Microsoft is seeing Windows 10 as a service model and it will update it frequently with new features and improvements. So once you upgraded to Windows 10, you will get updates for lifetime.

2. Windows 10 is most secure Windows OS. Being the latest OS, Windows 10 is automatically the most secure version since it gets lots of attention from Microsoft. Windows 7/8 will still get security updates till a fixed deadline. But Windows 10 will be supported for a long time. Along with it, Windows Hello, new Windows Defender makes Windows 10 more perfect.

3. Windows 10 has some great features. Universal Windows Apps are new to the platform and offers some amazing features for developers to implement. Virtual Desktops allow us to have multiple desktops on on-screen. Cortana is a good virtual assistant. The new Start Menu is better than before.

4. Windows Store is growing. Yes, Windows Store now features some great apps like Facebook, Messenger, Vine etc and even most popular game titles. Universal Windows Apps are the future. With them, Windows Store is richer.

We’ve provided some solid reasons to upgrade to Windows 10. Will you upgrade or not? Share in comments 🙂

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