Windows 10 Free Upgrade Offer Closing On Friday

That’s the last chance! Yes, free upgrade offer for existing Windows 7/8 users is expiring on Friday. Microsoft has already stated clearly that the offer will close on 29th July. This date also marks the first anniversary of Windows 10. Microsoft started the offer back in 2015 to upgrade existing Windows 7/8 systems to Windows 10 for free.

If you don’t upgrade your existing Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 by 29th July and in future, if you make up your mind for the upgrade, you will have to shell out $119 for Windows 10 Home and $199 for Windows 10 Pro.

Microsoft is going to release an Anniversary Update for Windows 10 users on August 2nd. If you still haven’t made your mind, we’ve some good reasons to upgrade to Windows 10.

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