Windows 10 To Be Available From July 29th

Are you trying regularly updated Windows 10 Preview Builds? Are you eager to download and install stable version of Windows 10 for final use? Here’s exciting news for you. Microsoft has announced the release date of Windows 10 in a blog post. Yes, it’s 29th July, 2015. Windows 10 was announced last year in September. Since then Microsoft is providing updates to the Technical Preview (Beta). Windows 10 Technical Preview has improved a lot since the first launch. But now we’re going to get out of this beta testing build and will get Windows 10’s stable version.
One exciting thing about Windows 10 is this that it will be free for all genuine Windows users (7 and higher). Windows 7 and higher users have started getting notification to reserve their free copy of Windows 10. If you aren’t seeing such notification, don’t worry, Microsoft is rolling it out to everyone. If you reserve “Windows 10’s free copy” using that link, you will be able to download and install Windows 10 right away as soon as it’s released.
With Windows 10, Microsoft claims to fix all the issues existing Windows 8.1 users were facing be it problems of desktop users with Modern User Interface, lots of bugs and inconsistent OS. Windows 10 introduces a new and modern web browser named Microsoft Edge, a smart voice-assistant Cortana, updated built-in apps to do work better than before.
Windows 10 is said to be last version of Windows. Don’t worry! It means Microsoft is developing Windows 10 as service model. It won’t release a new big OS every 1 or 2 years. But Windows 10 will be updated with new fixes, improvements and updates regularly. Add a word to it FREE. Yes, all these updates will be free 🙂

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So who is looking forward to July 29th?

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