[Windows 8.1] How To Snap Two Or More Internet Explorer 11 Tabs ?

Internet Explorer 11 (Modern UI) comes preinstalled in Windows 8.1. Its modern user interface is quite nice and simple. But did you know that you can open multiple tabs of Internet Explorer 11 at a time (simultaneously) just like this:

We have opened two tabs of our blog and snapped both. Isn’t it interesting? We can read both simultaneously. Do you want to snap two or more tabs just like this one? Just follow these steps:

1. Open Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 8.1 Preview and confirm that multiple tabs should be opened.

2. Right click anywhere on blank side so that all opened tabs become visible.

3. Right click any tab which you want to snap.

4. Click on Open tab in new window and the tab will automatically be opened in a new window in snapped view. Example:

That’s it! You can snap upto three tabs at a time. Did you like the trick or did you already know it?

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