Windows 8 features for Windows 7 offered by Download Informer

We here at Download Informer, released many apps to get Windows 8 Like features in Windows 7. I want to share it with all of you. Here is a complete list of Windows 8 features for Windows 7/Vista/XP:

1. Windows 8 Start Screen
    Windows 8 is coming with a brand new Start Screen with Metro UI. These tiles are based on Windows Phone UI, Metro UI. I have created a great program Pulmon to get Windows 8 Like Start Screen for Windows 7.

Pulmon: Get Windows 8 Like Start Screen in Windows XP/Vista/7

2. Windows 8 Immersive UI Web Browser
    Windows 8’s new Internet Explorer, from the leaked images, is coming with a new UI called Immersive UI. Zuro is a free and portable utility to get Windows 8’s new Immersive UI like Web Browser. It is a stable version.


Zuro: Windows 8 Immersive UI Like Web Browser for Windows XP/Vista/7

3. Windows 8 Start Menu
     In the Building Video 5, Microsoft revealed a new Metro UI Start Menu. Paras Sidhu (Me) has created a free and portable tool called “Pulmon Start” to get the same Start Menu for Windows XP/Vista/7.

Pulmon Start

Pulmon Start: Get Windows 8 Like Metro Based Start Menu in Windows XP/Vista/7

        Above are three free apps offered by us but we have also released an app Mark to get Windows 8 Like Watermark. I didn’t add it in the squad because it is not so useful. Which one is your favourite?

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Posted by Paras Sidhu for Download Informer

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