[Windows 8 Store App] Weight On Other Planets

We are very happy to release our first Windows 8 Store app on a special date 12/12/12. Weight On Other Planets is a fun and FREE app which allows you to calculate you weight on other planets like mercury, venus, mars etc. It also allows you to calculate your weight on Sun and Moon (Sun is a star and Moon is a satellite). The interface of the app is fine as shown in the image below:

How To Use:-

It is very easy to use. Just download and run the app. Enter the desired weight in the text box. Then click on Calculate. Weight will be calculated as shown in the image.
Tip: Use Charms Bar for more options 🙂

We recommend you to read the whole description in the store for more information. It works on ARM, x64 and x86.

Visit Windows Store For FREE Download (378 KB)

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