Windows 9 (Codenamed Threshold) Preview To Be Launched Next Month

Windows 8/8.1 is here from long ago and the time has about to come for the preview of next version of Windows. Yes, according to unofficial sources, it is looking that Microsoft is ready to deliver the BETA or Preview of Windows 9 the next month. The name of the next OS hasn’t been unveiled but inside Microsoft, it is called Threshold. Although this is just a rumor, Microsoft may soon confirm this news. Microsoft may also be readying to release new information about the next version of Windows.
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It is also rumored that Microsoft will make the beta available to public for FREE and not only to developers. It also appears that Microsoft won’t release new Beta build in every few months but will update the OS with new features and improvements via Windows Update.

The overall new features in Windows 9 may include Cortana, the voice-assistant which is already available in Windows Phone 8.1. Internet Explorer 12 will also be released with the release of Windows 9. As Microsoft has already announced, Start Menu is coming back in the next version of Windows which will show desktop programs and start screen tiles side-by-side. Anything isn’t confirmed yet since these are rumors only.

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