Windows 9 Concept Imagined Flat Start Screen Tiles

This is a concept for Microsoft’s upcoming Full OS release i.e Windows 9 (name is not confirmed). A deviantart user has created this and imagines the start screen tiles to be flatted with a new look. The new look is flat, cool and pretty user friendly.
The start screen shows some new apps such as Google Chrome, Gmail, Google+ etc  which still aren’t available to Windows 8.1. But the designer hopes that these will be available in future for Windows 9.
Designer says that such a design will meet all resolutions. It will be available for from smartphones and tablets to laptops. On a smartphone, elements will be easy to touch while on a laptop with high resolution, elements won’t be much gigantic.

It’s a good imagination and we hope that Microsoft will implement some of the features of this concept in next full OS release. More and more designers will be creating such concepts in future.

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