Windows Blue Leaked On Internet, Include Tons Of New Features

From a long time, there were rumors that a major update will come to Windows 8 named Windows Blue. And finally Today, at the birthday of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Windows Blue has leaked and available for download (We highly recommend not to download it as it is not official version and may contain viruses, spywares, malwares and access to Windows Store is also denied). According to the news, this build was compiled on March 15th. This update greatly improves start screen and the whole Windows. Here is a list of number of major changes in Windows Blue:

1. Additional Snap

Snap feature of Windows 8, which allows modern applications to run in 2/3-1/3 ratio, is now improved and allows apps to be snapped in 50-50 ratio which is a very useful feature on high resolution monitors. At most 4 apps are allowed to be snapped (by decreasing ratio from 50-50)

2. New sizes of Live Tiles

Windows Blue has introduced two new sizes of live tiles – small (as present in Windows Phone 8) and large (combination of two rows). According to me, this might not be a good option as we use Windows on large screen resolution monitors. So small tiles is not a good option and large tiles are ugly in look.

3. New Modern Applications

Windows Blue includes a number of new bundled Modern applications like Alarm, Sound Recorder, Movie Moments, Calculator etc.

4. Internet Explorer 11

In Windows Blue, Microsoft has introduced a new version of Internet Explorer. Till the time of writing this, there was no news of any new major changes in it.

5. PC Settings has been updated

6. Devices and Share charms have been updated (Share charm allows you to take a screenshot of current app)

7. New animations are added

8. Snap feature now works on even 1024 * 768 resolution

Other Windows Blue Screenshots:

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