Windows Store Now Has 130,000+ Apps

We all know about Windows Store and most of you with a Windows 8/8.1 PC, should have used Windows Store and download and install exciting metro apps. First when Windows Store was launched with Windows 8, it was claimed by Microsoft that Store will have 100,000+ apps soon in about 3 months. But it couldn’t even reach that claim after 6 months.

But that condition is now changing at moderate rate. Windows Store is gaining the attraction from various developers and it is clear from that official Facebook, Twitter and Flipboard apps are already available for Windows 8.1.

Now Windows Store has 130,000+ apps in Windows Store and it is known by site MetroStore Scanner. This site keeps track of all the activities of Windows Store and displays total number of apps, new apps today, updated apps today etc. You can even search for apps and read their description to download later.

Having 130,000+ apps doesn’t mean all the apps are useful. Many of those apps are just spam apps and some copy the to be released Modern apps which are available for Windows Desktop. Microsoft is considering quantity over quality and there are still some official apps missing from Store like Instagram, Gmail, Chrome etc.

We hope that the condition will become better as more and more developers will get involved in Windows 8.1 Modern apps developing.

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