WordWeb Is A Perfect Offline Dictionary For Windows 8/8.1

The Windows Store is still in the maturation state and has total 1,20,000+ apps till the time of writing. However some great and official apps are already available in the store like Official Facebook app, Official Twitter app etc. From these, WordWeb is a great and must-have in its category i.e Dictionary.

WordWeb is a free, feature rich and easy to use Modern application available in Windows Store. However its User Interface isn’t attractive but its features are impressive. It comes with a tonne of features. When you download and install the app, firstly you will see something like following:

The interface is nice, clean and simple. Just enter the word in a text box below the Lookup. WordWeb will provide to you the word’s meaning, synonymous, examples, antonyms, part, derived forms and much more within a few seconds. If you want to disable any one of the feature like antonyms, you can go to Charms Bar-> Options and there deselect the desired feature and click Save. You can even make the font look larger or smaller with the option available in Charms Bar.

So here is a list of features available in WordWeb:

  • Provides you with a word’s meaning, synonymous, examples, antonyms, part, derived forms and much more within a few seconds
  • Customizable Font Size in Options
  • Clean and easy to use interface
  • You can bookmark a word for which options are available on the right click of main interface
In our opinion, it is a must have app for students, teachers and everyone else who wants more knowledge about English. Size of the app is 29.7 MB. You can get this free app using following link:

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